Liuhuaying Yang

Liuhuaying Yang, faculty member at the Complexity Science Hub

Liuhuaying Yang joined the Complexity Science Hub’s visualization team in September 2021. She received her Master of Fine Arts’ degree in information and data visualization from Northeastern University in Boston in 2018. Her expertise is in design and front-end development of interactive data visualizations on the interface of academic research and applications.

Liuhuaying has worked with the Senseable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and SMART FM in Singapore as a data visualization specialist and SPH Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore as a data visualization designer for interactive data journalism projects. Previously, she interned in the data strategy group at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Agency.

Liuhuaying’s work is driven by a desire to use data visualization to talk about important social issues. Beside an interest in efficient ways to use data visualization to communicate complex topics, she believes in using an artistic and humanistic approach to engage wide audiences. Her work has been awarded the first prize in the 2019 TRB Innovations in Transit Performance Measurement Challenge and recently won first place in the interactive category of the World Dataviz Prize 2023.

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