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CSH hosts workshop on visualizing complexity science

The 5-day event brings together professionals with different perspectives on data visualization

How can complexity science researchers, programmers, information designers, data journalists, and visual artists work together? The Visualizing Complexity Science Workshop, starting today, August 28, at the Complexity Science Hub (CSH), aims to answer this question.

Liuhuaying Yang, CSH’s data visualization expert, hosts the 5-day workshop with Paul Kahn, an information designer who teaches at Northeastern University.

“My belief is that by mixing and matching individuals from various categories, we can foster a dynamic exchange of perspectives. Each participant can contribute their unique insights and inspire others, resulting in a truly enriching and collaborative experience”, evaluates Yang.


“They have overlapping skills, but they generally work in very different worlds where their work serves different purposes. We are asking the workshop participants to think about kinds of presentations that may be outside their comfort zone or their experience,” adds Kahn. 

During the workshop, participants will work in teams on complexity science research datasets during hands-on sessions. “We hope that by working in teams, visualization concepts will emerge that will be new to everyone, the programmers and scientists as well as the artists, the designers as well as the journalists.”


Another key aspect of the workshop, according to Yang, is immersion. “While exchanging ideas and participating in brainstorming sessions to develop initial concepts is undoubtedly valuable, it’s crucial to recognize that this phase represents only half of the journey towards achieving our desired outcomes,” says the CSH data visualization expert.

“In my experience, data visualization work heavily relies on practical implementation and hands-on experience. Dreams and ideas are beautiful, but they don’t always come true. Every idea needs to be put to the test and validated using real data within the context of actual projects.”

In order to ensure an immersive experience, Yang has curated two CSH research projects for the workshop. The participants will be introduced to the projects and datasets by CSH researchers Dániel Kondor and Eddie Lee.


Yang emphasizes that the workshop should be physical (in person) to facilitate collaboration and experimentation. “This way, participants can delve deep into the projects and gain practical insights that will significantly enrich their understanding and skills in data visualization.”

In addition to working sessions, the program includes lectures by the hosts and invited guests, and group discussions. A wide range of topics will be covered in the talks, from data visualization and interactive design in news storytelling in China to art and science collaboration.

Jen Christiansen, senior graphics editor at Scientific American; Samuel Huron, professor at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris; Meng Wei, head of the Caixin Vislab in China; Dirk Brockmann, professor at the Humboldt-University of Berlin; Robin Meier Wiratunga, artist and composer; Guy Amichay, a postdoc fellow at Northwestern University; and artist Alberto Pino will be the guest speakers.

Learn more about the workshop: https://vis.csh.ac.at/vis-workshop-2023/


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