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Join us in creating a future in which everyone can thrive.

A better world tomorrow needs action today. With your donation, you contribute to CSH’s transformative research and education programs and help drive progress on the most pressing questions for our society. Together, we can create impact locally and globally, now and for generations to come.

CSH is a leader in research excellence, teaching and learning, innovation, in their intersections with sustainability. Through your support, you become a key partner in our search for the next big idea. Scholarships, fellowships, and unrestricted donations to CSH open a world of possibilities for the changemakers of today and tomorrow.

Impact on society and industry

We believe in the power of collaboration. Since our founding, CSH has worked with private- and public-sector partners to better navigate complexity together. Our partners gain privileged access to ground-breaking ideas and talent. CSH researchers gain a deeper understanding of industry, government, and public administration challenges and access to our partners’ unique resources and perspectives. In turn, through such collaborations, our researchers become part of a highly skilled workforce that ensures industry is robust and future-proof to the challenges of the future.

To discuss specific opportunities for cooperation, please contact Philipp Marxgut.

Philipp Marxgut c Christine Knoll

Philipp Marxgut

Secretary General

Ongoing Partnerships

CSH is involved in various projects with government and industry. Together, we are tackling the global challenges of our time. From rebuilding the Ukrainian economiy to the disrupting the spread of disinformation, from stabilising supply chains to tracking illegal payment flows, from the large-scale migration of human capital to inequalities in networks, from sustainable transitions to human health in a warming world – how can CSH research help your organization find solutions to the problems that matter to you?

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