Complexity Science Hub at Lange Nacht der Forschung (Long Night of Research) #LNF24



Highlights from the Long Night of Research

Last Friday, around 170,000 people across Austria delved into the world of science during the Long Night of Research (#LNF24), and we were thrilled to be part of it! Together with visitors, we planned cities and explored how our mobility compare to those in other urban areas.

What does the perfect city of the future look like? How do people navigate different cities around the globe?

Visitors eagerly joined our researchers in quizzes, discovering how their mobility stacks up against others. They learned about continental differences, noted that North Americans still rely more on cars than people elsewhere, and discussed why this is the case.

For those who enjoyed hands-on activities, we built city models—some round, some elongated—and debated which designs might be more efficient, sustainable and liveable, considering factors like commuting times.


It was a huge pleasure and a great joy to engage with so many people, explore urban mobility together, envision future cities, and exchange ideas. Thank you to all the visitors who participated, shared their stories, and contributed to the event. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

Special thanks to Minister Leonore Gewessler for her visit and for engaging in our activities. Another heartfelt appreciation goes out to Rafael Prieto-Curiel, Carrie Cowan, Mathias Angermaier, Elma Dervic, Simon D. Lindner, Ola Ali and Carsten Källner for their efforts in making research accessible to everyone.

We are already looking forward to the Long Night of Research next year!


Nearly 170,000 curious minds attended the Long Night of Research at around 270 locations across Austria. With over 2,800 stations featuring tours, workshops, lectures, live presentations, and experiments, research was made tangible, understandable, and visible. In Vienna alone, there were 44,730 visitors. The Long Night of Research is a biennial event held throughout Austria.



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R. Prieto-Curiel, J. P. Ospina
Environment International

How do people travel to work in your city? Explore the model share data for over 800 cities in the world.

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