Mathias Angermaier

Mathias Angermaier, PhD Candidate at the Complexity Science Hub © Robert Supnig

Mathias Angermaier joined the Complexity Science Hub as a PhD candidate in October 2023.

He is working on the research project “Collective Adaptation” to detect patterns in societal belief dynamics. Within this framework, he is particularly interested in finding discussion characteristics that lead to common ground between opinion-opposed and polarized agents.

Mathias holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics from the University of Regensburg and a Master’s Degree in Computational Social Systems from TU Graz, where he is also pursuing his PhD.

In his Master’s thesis, he focused on algorithmic detection and differentiation of conspiracy theory topics in online chats. Further, he investigated conversation patterns coupled with stronger or weaker conspiratorial discussion intensities.

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