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Austria without Russian natural gas?

As the war in Ukraine continues, there is an increasing threat of a drastic reduction of Russian gas supply to the European Union (EU). A sudden drop in gas trade between EU countries and Russia could arise from an EU-imposed import embargo, a Russian export embargo or by pipeline malfunction due to the military conflict. Natural gas imports from Russia account for 80% of Austria’s annual gas consumption, and for roughly 38% of the EU’s gas consumption.

This policy brief discusses the likely short-term impacts on the Austrian economy resulting from an immediate import stop of Russian natural gas, as well as possible actions for mitigation and their effects.

Anton Pichler

Jan Hurt, PhD Candidate at the Complexity Science Hub © Verena Ahne

Jan Hurt

Tobias Reisch © Verena Ahne

Tobias Reisch

Johannes Stangl, PhD Candidate at the Complexity Science Hub

Johannes Stangl

Stefan Thurner @ Franziska Liehl, President of the Complexity Science Hub

Stefan Thurner

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