Crisis Response and Intervention Supported by Semantic Data Pooling


The CRISP project represents a data-driven approach to Crisis Response and Intervention. It considers both the short-term management of disasters as well as long- term economic impact assessments, at fine-grained re- gional and temporal granularity. For this purpose, CRISP will ingest data from multiple heterogeneous sources, shedding light on the impact of response and intervention strategies in close to real time. The result is a com- prehensive and continuously updated data pool, which represents a key asset for semantic modelling and im- pact forecasting. CRISP will not only increase the trans- parency of crisis response and intervention processes, but also capture how the resulting outcomes are being perceived by citizens and professional stakeholders.


01.12.2021 – 

Johannes Wachs

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Project Partners

webLyzard technolgy GmbH
nexyo GmbH
Geosphere Austria
Centre for Public Administration Research
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