Assessment of feasibility of a blockchain system applied to knowledge and information transfer


SONY-CSL Paris has been funding the Kouzan Project since May 2018.

The Kouzan Project was initially meant as a proof of concept to record the so-called intangibles, i.e., those valuable interactions, where knowledge or information transfers occur between people.

The main task was to build a prototype consisting of a web application and a blockchain connection. The application would serve as the tool to account for interactions, while the blockchain would record them in an immutable and verifiable ledger.

Those objectives were accomplished, and a US patent request was filed in May 2019 covering the overall concepts of Kouzan technology.

In year 2020 the KOUZAN web-app was improved both on the backend and frontend sides and a small test case study was carried on in the CSHV and SONY-CSL working environments. Moreover, API access points were developed in the backend to connect third Party applications to KOUZAN services.

CSHV conducted an experimental test at the Complexity Science Hub and Sony-CSL Paris, using the new and professional KOUZAN application for an intense 3-4 months phase of data collection. CSHV used network measures and information flow models to understand and improve the communication network of these organizations. In addition to the data collection through the KOUZAN application, CSHV used questionnaires designed to bootstrap our models at the beginning and validate the results at the end. As an added benefit, this allowed us to test the application and collect valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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