Peter Turchin, faculty member at the Complexity Science Hub

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Peter Turchin

Peter Turchin, faculty member at the Complexity Science Hub

Peter Turchin has been a project leader at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna since September 2020. Until June 2022, he was also a professor at the University of Connecticut. He chairs the Board of Directors of Seshat: Global History Databank.

Peter’s research interests lie at the intersection of social and cultural evolution, historical macrosociology, economic history, mathematical modeling of long-term social processes, and the construction and analysis of historical databases. Peter has published two hundred articles, including a dozen in such top journals as Nature, Science, and PNAS. In 2004, Peter was designated as “Highly Cited Researcher” by

A founder of the field of Cliodynamics, his books include Ultrasociety (2015), Ages of Discord (2016), The Great Holocene Transformation (2022), and End Times (2023).

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