Márcia R. Ferreira

Márcia R. Ferreira is a data scientist at the Semantic Web Company. She holds a research master’s degree in urban and economic geography from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, where she also was a research assistant at the department of Economic Geography and at the Digital Humanities Lab. There she worked on historical patent analysis, social network analysis, topic modelling, community detection, and information gathering and reporting.

Márcia was a researcher and bibliometric consultant at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University, where she served as a project leader in contract research activities and as a researcher in the fields of regional mobility, scientometrics, and altmetrics. She worked as a doctoral student at the Complexity Science Hub from 2019 until 2023.

She is interested in evolutionary innovations, networks and complex systems, combining scientometrics and economics in order to understand the conditions underlying creativity and innovation processes.

Márcia is also affiliated with the Faculty of Computer Science at TU Wien.

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