Yurij Holovatch

Yurij Holovatch is professor and chief researcher at the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (ICMP Lviv, Ukraine), where he has founded a laboratory for statistical physics of complex systems. Also, he is a co-founder  and a co-director of the L4 collaboration and the International Doctoral college Statistical physics of complex systems that joins ICMP and Universities of Leipzig (Germany), Coventry (UK), and Lorraine (France).

Yurij studies phase transitions and critical phenomena in structrally disordered magnets, scaling of macromolecules (conformational properties of complex polymers), complex networks (ordering, stability, spreading),  and, digital humanities.

Yurij is a full member of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine. He was awarded by the Davydov prize for studies in theoretical and biological physics (2020).  Since  2018 he holds a honorary title of a visiting professor at Coventry university and since 2020 he is a honorary ambassador of Lviv.

He is an editor of the review volume series Order, disorder, and criticality published by the World Scientific (vol. 7 of the series appeared in 2023) and an organizer of the Ising lectures, an annual international workshop on critical phenomena and complex systems in Lviv (since 1997).

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