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Towards on-demand gas sensing

Low-power operation of power-hungry MOX sensors is usually achieved by duty cycling them periodically. However, a difficulty arises if a sensor is operated at irregular time intervals due to  intermittent energy availability in energy-neutral or batteryless applications.
In this work, we propose a compensation method which re-maps on-demand measurements to virtually duty-cycled readings in the value domain by taking the duration of the last off-time into account. We evaluate our compensation algorithm based on Sensirion’s SGP30 sensor and achieve up to 79% accuracy improvement compared to uncompensated measurements.
M.-P. Gherman, Y. Cheng, A. Gomez, O. Saukh, Towards on-demand gas sensing, in: 17th International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems: DCOSS 2021, Cyprus.

Olga Saukh

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