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Special Issue “Non-additive Entropy Formulas: Motivation and Derivations”

Dear Colleagues,

The concept of Entropy has been changing swiftly since C. Tsallis and before him a series of mathematicians and informatics experts have proposed various generalizations of the Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy. The most distinguishing property of these formulas is their non-additivity for factorizing probabilities.

A non-additive entropy formula motivates investigations in many directions. Some works considered the theoretical and axiomatic implications of the new entropy. Others proposed physical mechanisms that could lead to non-additive entropy. Evidence of the applicability of generalized thermodynamics appears in many branches of Physics and in other fields, such as biological systems, socio-economics environments, information theory, and complex networks, among many others.

This Special Issue is dedicated to reviewing those developments, sharing new results and opening new perspectives to the advancement of our knowledge about Entropy. We welcome contributions on topics such as:


    1. Implications and applications of the non-additive entropy;


    1. Advances in theoretical aspects of entropy;


    1. Mathematical aspects of the non-additive entropy;


    1. Thermodynamical consequences of the generalized entropy;


    1. New applications of the non-additive entropy;


    1. Origins of the non-additivity in the entropy of complex systems.


T. S. Biró, A. Deppman (eds.), Special Issue “Non-additive Entropy Formulas: Motivation and Derivations”, Entropy 25(8) (2023) 1203.


Tamás Biró

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