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OeNB Core Funding

Research into the fundamentals of the national economy and economic development using scientific methods. The following areas will be examined through big data analysis as part of this funding:

Economy. The CSH works on 1:1 agent-based models of the economy in which as many relevant agents as possible are represented. Ideally, possible interventions and decisions can be tested in advance and examined for unintended consequences.

Financial markets. Thanks to the electronic registration of every single financial transaction and newly developed methods, the CSH can calculate the systemic risk of individual banks or companies in a country and thus quantify the expected damage to individual actors or the entire system.

Cryptofinance. The CSH is working on methods to systemically map and analyze decentralized financial products and subsequently develop strategies to make them more secure. It is also about systematically detecting fraud in the area of crypto finance.

Connection between climate and economy. In order to develop socially acceptable solutions for the transformation to a sustainable economy, a deep understanding of the underlying systemic connections is required. These should be made visible and accessible based on complex data sets.


01.10.2022 – 
Stefan Thurner @ Franziska Liehl, President of the Complexity Science Hub

Stefan Thurner

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