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Vito, Niklas & Vittorio implement KouzanExpo in Rome


Kouzan, the web app developed at the Hub and funded by SONY-CSL Paris, was especially adapted to exhibition environments and deployed for the first time at PalaExpo in Rome. 

KouzanExpo, the name of this new branch of Kouzan, has been used in the exhibition “Incertezza: Uncertainty. Interpreting the present, foreseeing the future,” which is shown from Oct 12, 2021 until Feb 27, 2022 at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.

It is a user-friendly web app designed to support the visitors of an exhibition in their explorative journey. It complements the information displayed on site with supplementary descriptions and extra digital content for all the installations at the exhibition. Visitors may also express their opinions and leave comments throughout their visit, enabling an unprecedented two way flow of information between them and the installations. The activity of visitors is processed in order to guess their path through the exhibition and their level of appreciation of single installations.

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This prediction aspect of KouzanExpo leverages modern machine learning algorithms borrowed from the well-established field of recommendation systems, where both the wisdom of the crowd as well as user-specific information are distilled to come up with relevant and scientifically sound results.

 KouzanExpo was installed by Vito DP Servedio and Niklas Reisz.

2021 10 KOUZAN Vito and Niklas
Vito and Niklas
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CSH Vienna Faculty member Vittorio Loreto at PalaExpo, Oct 2021


The KouzanApp is a web application capable of recording human interactions involving knowledge transfer, developed in a cooperation between the Hub and SONY-CSL Paris. The app helps trace the knowledge transfer among people, thus documenting and correctly attributing the creative input of individuals to a joint project.

Its key feature is the monitoring of all events where two or more peers exchange information. Examples range from conversations, presentations and group meetings, to any kind of co-creation processes in person or online.

The KouzanApp allows these events to be tracked on multiple channels to provide an extensive overview of information flow in large institutions or corporations with many different interacting sectors. Examples range from conversations, presentations and group meetings, to any kind of co-creation processes in person or online.

Interactions recorded by the app are also encoded and recorded in a public blockchain. Users can then access their records at any time to provide proof of their contributions. All in all, this guarantees censorship resistance and trust.


Concept and coordination: Vittorio Loreto

Scientific supervision: Vito DP Servedio

Concept and development: Vito DP Servedio and Niklas Reisz



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