Two awards won by CSH researchers Jan Bachmann & Jan Korbel



Double honors for CSH researchers

In the dynamic world of complexity science, we’re excited to recognize the achievements of two of our exceptional researchers at the Complexity Science Hub.

Jan Bachmann has been named one of the DOC fellows of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), securing 24 months of funding for his project, “Network Inequality and its impact on the glass ceiling phenomenon.” This recognition is a testament to Jan’s dedication and the quality of his research.

Jan Korbel‘s paper, ‘Homophily-Based Social Group Formation in a Spin Glass Self-Assembly Framework,’ published in Physical Review Letters, has earned him the first prize at the Dora Brücke-Teleky Award. This award, presented by esteemed institutions, highlights his outstanding contributions to the field.

We celebrate the achievements of Jan Bachmann and Jan Korbel and anticipate the impact of their continued work in complexity science. Congratulations to both for their remarkable accomplishments!

Two awards won by CSH researchers Jan Bachmann & Jan Korbel © ÖAW:Natascha Unkart & CSH


J. Korbel, S. D. Lindner, T. M. Pham, R. Hanel, S. Thurner
Physical Review Letters
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