Alexandra Brintrup

Prof. Alexandra Brintrup is  external faculty at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna. She is Professor in Digital Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department, where she leads the Supply Chain AI Lab. She also leads Digital Manufacturing at the Alan Turing Institute and is a fellow of Darwin College.
Prof. Brintrup was the first researcher to empirically study large-scale supply chains as complex adaptive networks, examine their emergent properties, and take a data-driven perspective to characterise their resilience, which led to understanding of universal patterns that govern supply chains. She was also the first to develop algorithms to predict supply chain dependencies and disruptions. Over the past decade she advised policy makers, and national and European scientific committees, and worked with various industrial partners, including Boeing, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Suzuki and Procter and Gamble within these areas. She is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Groups in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, and advises policy development in supply chain risk, economic performance and resilience.

Her current research includes: Predictive methods for automated detection of supply chain dependencies, especially with collective learning paradigms; complex system approaches to model emergence in supply networks, autonomous and scalable optimisation and distributed decision making technologies, particularly with nature-inspired algorithms and Multi-agent Systems.

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