Vera Hemmelmayr

Vera Hemmelmayr is associate professor at the Institute for Transport and Logistics Management at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna).  She received her PhD from the University of Vienna and her habilitation from the WU. Before joining the WU, Vera Hemmelmayr held postdoc positions at the University of Vienna and the CIRRELT (Inter-university Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation) in Montreal, Canada. Collaborations with researchers from leading universities led to research stays at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Bologna and at Northwestern University.

Vera’s research is dedicated to solving complex combinatorial optimization problems arising in logistics. She is particularly interested in the improvement of solution methods as well as applications in practice. Vera has worked on parallel methods, metaheuristics and the combination of exact and heuristic solution procedures. Her research projects are located in the area of waste collection problems, logistics collaboration in non-profit organizations, city logistics and the inclusion of sustainable modes of transport, such as cargo bikes, in the distribution.

Vera has published numerous papers in leading journals of the field like Transportation Science, European Journal of Operational Research, or IEE Transactions and was a project leader of several projects funded by FWF, FFG and others.

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