Tiago de Paula Peixoto

Tiago de Paula Peixoto @ private, speaker at the Econophysics Colloquium, Complexity Science Hub

Tiago Peixoto is an Associate Professor in the Department of Network and Data Science at the Central European University (CEU), Vienna, Austria. He received his Habilitation in Theoretical Physics at the University of Bremen in 2017, and his PhD in Physics at the University of São Paulo. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath (2016-2019), External Researcher at the ISI Foundation (2015-2020), and post-doc researcher at the University of Bremen (2011-2016) and Technical University of Darmstadt (2008-2011).

His research group works at the interface between Computational Statistics, Information Theory, Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning, and Statistical Physics, and has as its main focus the methodological foundations of Network Science and the study of Complex Systems.

His work was recognized with the Erdős–Rényi Prize from the Network Science Society in 2019.

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