Ruggiero Lo Sardo

Former Researcher

D. Ruggiero Lo Sardo was a PhD candidate at the Section for Science of Complex Systems at the Medical University of Vienna and a resident scientist at the Complexity Science Hub.

Ruggiero obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics from the La Sapienza University of Rome and a master’s degree in physics from the same university. In his master thesis, entitled “The Effects of Topography on Language Diversification Dynamics in the Italian Peninsula”, he showed effects of geographic morphology on the evolution of the Italian language are sufficient to understand the distribution of local dialects.

Ruggiero is working on his PhD in the EU Horizon 2020 SmartResilience. In this framework he is investigating the health-care system with supervision by Peter Klimek.


Explore the resilience of the Austrian healthcare system using agent based simulation

How resilient are the districts of Austria to a sudden decrease in health care practitioners?

Remove doctors from the health care system and observe how patients try to find a new practitioner as the load on the system grows.

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