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Soft Computing Simulations of Chaotic Systems

Soft computing strategies are drawing widespread interest in engineering and science fields, particularly so because of their capacity to reason and learn in a domain of inherent uncertainty, approximation, and unpredictability. However, soft computing research devoted to finite precision effects in chaotic system simulations is still in a nascent stage, and there are ample opportunities for new discoveries. In this paper, we consider the error that is due to finite precision in the simulation of chaotic systems.

We present a generalized version of the lower bound error using an arbitrary number of natural interval extensions. The lower bound error has been used to simulate a chaotic system with lower and upper bounds. The width of this interval does not diverge, which is an advantage compared to other techniques. We illustrate our approach on three systems, namely the logistic map, the Singer map and the Chua circuit. Moreover, we validate the method by calculating the largest Lyapunov exponent.


E. G. Nepomuceno, P. F. S. Guedes, A. M. Barbosa, M. Perc, R. Repnik, Soft Computing Simulations of Chaotic Systems, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 29 08 (2019) 1950112

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