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SMART-KG: Hybrid shipping for SPARQL querying on the web

While Linked Data (LD) provides standards for publishing (RDF) and (SPARQL) querying Knowledge Graphs (KGs) on the Web, serving, accessing and processing such open, decentralized KGs is often practically impossible, as query timeouts on publicly available SPARQL endpoints show. Alternative solutions such as Triple Pattern Fragments (TPF) attempt to tackle the problem of availability by pushing query processing workload to the client side, but suffer from unnecessary transfer of irrelevant data on complex queries with large intermediate results. In this paper we present smart-KG, a novel approach to share the load between servers and clients, while significantly reducing data transfer volume, by combining TPF with shipping compressed KG partitions. Our evaluations show that smart-KG outperforms state-of-the-art client-side solutions and increases server-side availability towards more cost-effective and balanced hosting of open and decentralized KGs.


A. Azzam, J. Fernández, M. Acosta, M. Beno, A. Polleres, SMART-KG: Hybrid shipping for SPARQL querying on the web, In: Proceedings of the Web Conference 2020, Association for Computing Machinery, NY (2020) 984-994

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