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On the Uniqueness Theorem for Pseudo-Additive Entropies

The aim of this paper is to show that the Tsallis-type (q-additive) entropic chain rule allows for a wider class of entropic functionals than previously thought. In particular, we point out that the ensuing entropy solutions (e.g., Tsallis entropy) can be determined uniquely only when one fixes the prescription for handling conditional entropies.

By using the concept of Kolmogorov–Nagumo quasi-linear means, we prove this with the help of Darótzy’s mapping theorem. Our point is further illustrated with a number of explicit examples. Other salient issues, such as connections of conditional entropies with the de Finetti–Kolmogorov theorem for escort distributions and with Landsberg’s classification of non-extensive thermodynamic systems are also briefly discussed.


P. Jizba, J. Korbel, On the Uniqueness Theorem for Pseudo-Additive Entropies, Entropy 19(11) (2017) 605

Jan Korbel

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