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Novelty search for global optimization

Novelty search is a tool in evolutionary and swarm robotics for maintaining the diversity of population needed for continuous robotic operation. It enables nature-inspired algorithms to evaluate solutions on the basis of the distance to their k-nearest neighbors in the search space. Besides this, the fitness function represents an additional measure for evaluating the solution, with the purpose of preserving the so-named novelty solutions into the next generation.

In this study, a differential evolution was hybridized with novelty search. The differential evolution is a well-known algorithm for global optimization, which is applied to improve the results obtained by the other solvers on the CEC-14 benchmark function suite. Furthermore, functions of different dimensions were taken into consideration, and the influence of the various novelty search parameters was analyzed. The results of experiments show a great potential for using novelty search in global optimization.


I. Fister, M. Perc, E. Osaba, et al., Novelty search for global optimization, Applied Mathematics and Computation 347 (2019) 865-881

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