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Nonadditive Entropies and Complex Systems

[In a special themed issue of the journal Entropy, Andrea Rapisarda (INFN Sezione di Catania) and SFI External Professors Stefan Thurner (Complexity Science Hub Vienna) and Constantino Tsallis (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas) have gathered together “new developments and original applications of generalized statistical mechanics to complex systems of various natures.”
The issue consists of nine research papers, one review article, and an editorial that surveys the applications presented within the issue.]



Special Issue Information


Dear Colleagues,


Complexity and complex systems emerge in natural, artificial, and social contexts, and have attracted strong and enthusiastic scientific attention all over the world during the last decades. The study of these fascinating systems focuses on concepts of emergent behavior, living organisms, languages, earthquakes, economics, ecology, social networks, and other fundamental problems of contemporary science and societies. Most of these systems are out-of-equilibrium and present weak chaos, long-range correlations, nonergodic behavior, multifractal hierarchical structures, for which standard equilibrium Boltzmann-Gibbs statistical mechanics is not applicable. In the last few decades, a large variety of complex systems, in various fields, has been successfully described using nonextensive generalized formalisms of statistical mechanics.

The aim of the present Special Issue is to solicit original and interdisciplinary contributions which cover new developments and original applications of generalized statistical mechanics to complex systems of various natures.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapisarda
Prof. Dr. Stefan Thurner
Prof. Dr. Constantino Tsallis
Guest Editors


A. Rapisarda, S. Thurner, C. Tsallis (Eds.), Nonadditive Entropies and Complex Systems, in: Entropy 21(5), 538 (2019)

Second IG-Nobel Prize for Andrea Rapisarda, CSH External Faculty

Andrea Rapisarda

Stefan Thurner @ Franziska Liehl, President of the Complexity Science Hub

Stefan Thurner

Constantino Tsallis, External Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub, celebrates his 80th birthday

Constantino Tsallis

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