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LOD-a-lot: A Queryable Dump of the LOD cloud

LOD-a-lot democratizes access to the Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud by serving more than 28 billion unique triples from 650 K datasets over a single self-indexed file. This corpus can be queried online with a sustainable Linked Data Fragments interface, or downloaded and consumed locally: LOD-a-lot is easy to deploy and demands affordable resources (524 GB of disk space and 15.7 GB of RAM), enabling Web-scale repeatable experimentation and research even by standard laptops.


J. Fernández, W. Beek, M.A. Martinez-Prieto, M. Arias, LOD-a-lot: A Queryable Dump of the LOD cloud, The Semantic Web (ISWC) (2017) 75-83

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