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Geometric Structures Induced by Deformations of the Legendre Transform

The recent link discovered between generalized Legendre transforms and non-dually flat statistical manifolds suggests a fundamental reason behind the ubiquity of Rényi’s divergence and entropy in a wide range of physical phenomena. However, these early findings still provide little intuition on the nature of this relationship and its implications for physical systems.

Here we shed new light on the Legendre transform by revealing the consequences of its deformation via symplectic geometry and complexification.

These findings reveal a novel common framework that leads to a principled and unified understanding of physical systems that are not well-described by classic information-theoretic quantities.

P.A. Morales, J. Korbel, F. E. Rosas, Geometric Structures Induced by Deformations of the Legendre Transform, Entropy 25(4) (2023) 678.

Jan Korbel

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