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Finite-size scaling of quasi-stationary-state temperature

We numerically study, from first principles, the temperature TQSS and duration tQSS of the longstanding initial quasi-stationary state of the isolated d-dimensional classical inertial αXY ferromagnet with two-body interactions decaying as 1/rαij (α0). It is shown that this temperature TQSS (defined proportional to the kinetic energy per particle) depends, for the long-range regime 0α/d1, on (α,d,U,N) with numerically negligible changes for dimensions d=1,2,3, with U the energy per particle and N the number of particles. We verify the finite-size scaling TQSST1/Nβ where T2U1 for UUc, and β appears to depend sensibly only on α/d. Our numerical results indicate that neither the scaling with N of TQSS nor that of tQSS depend on U.

A. Rodríguez, F. Nobre, C. Tsallis, Finite-size scaling of quasi-stationary-state temperature, Physical Review E 105(4) (2022) 044111.


Constantino Tsallis, External Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub, celebrates his 80th birthday

Constantino Tsallis

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