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Explosive transitions induced by interdependent contagion-consensus dynamics in multiplex networks

We introduce a model to study the interplay between information spreading and opinion formation in social systems. Our framework consists in a two-layer multiplex network where opinion dynamics takes place in one layer, while information spreads on the other one.

The two dynamical processes are mutually coupled in such a way that the control parameters governing the dynamics of the node states at one layer depend on the dynamical states at the other layer. In particular, we consider the case in which consensus is favored by the common adoption of information, while information spreading is boosted between agents sharing similar opinions. Numerical simulations of the model point out that, when the coupling between the dynamics of the two layers is strong enough, a double explosive transition, i.e., a discontinuous transition both in consensus dynamics and in information spreading appears.

Such explosive transitions lead to bi-stability regions in which the consensus-informed states and the disagreement-uninformed states are both stable solutions of the intertwined dynamics.


D. Soriano-Panos, Q. Guo, V. Latora, J. Gomez-Gardenes, Explosive transitions induced by interdependent contagion-consensus dynamics in multiplex networks, Phys. Rev. E 99 (2019) 062311

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