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Entropy Optimization, Generalized Logarithms, and Duality Relations

Several generalizations or extensions of the Boltzmann–Gibbs thermostatistics, based on non-standard entropies, have been the focus of considerable research activity in recent years. Among these, the power-law, non-additive entropies Sqk1ipqiq1(qR;S1=SBGkipilnpi) have harvested the largest number of successful applications. The specific structural features of the Sq thermostatistics, therefore, are worthy of close scrutiny.

In the present work, we analyze one of these features, according to which the q-logarithm function lnqxx1q11q(ln1x=lnx) associated with the Sq entropy is linked, via a duality relation, to the q-exponential function characterizing the maximum-entropy probability distributions.

We enquire into which entropic functionals lead to this or similar structures, and investigate the corresponding duality relations.

A. R. Plastino, C. Tsallis, R. S. Wedemann, H. J. Haubold, Entropy Optimization, Generalized Logarithms, and Duality Relations, Entropy 24(12) (2022) 1723.

Constantino Tsallis, External Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub, celebrates his 80th birthday

Constantino Tsallis

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