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Emotions in Online Gambling Communities: A Multilevel Sentiment Analysis

In this study, we analyzed whether interaction dynamics are related to emotional expressions within online gambling communities. As data, we used 8452 comments posted on Reddit gambling communities. The data were analyzed with sentiment analysis tool VADER and multilevel regression analysis.

Results showed that comments were more positive when they were directed to other users and made by users with more interactive commenting behavior. Comments were less positive in those discussions that were most active and in those that mainly involved replies to other users. We also found that more positive posts received more positive commenting and negative posts received more negative comments.

Overall, the activity and interactivity of communication and emotional correlation are associated with positive emotional expression in online communication. For negative emotions, we found evidence only for emotional correlation. Future studies should explore how interaction dynamics together with more contextual factors shape emotional expressions within online communities.


M. Kaakinen, […] D. Garcia, Emotions in Online Gambling Communities: A Multilevel Sentiment Analysis, In: G. Meiselwitz (ed.), Social Computing and Social Media. HCII 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 12194 (2020) Springer, Cham, 542–550


David Garcia

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