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Disordered configurations of the Glauber model in two-dimensional networks

We analyze the ordering efficiency and the structure of disordered configurations for the zero-temperature Glauber model on Watts-Strogatz networks obtained by rewiring 2D regular square lattices. In the small-world regime, the dynamics fails to reach the ordered state in the thermodynamic limit.

Due to the interplay of the perturbed regular topology and the energy neutral stochastic state transitions, the stationary state consists of two intertwined domains, manifested as multiclustered states on the original lattice. Moreover, for intermediate rewiring probabilities, one finds an additional source of disorder due to the low connectivity degree, which gives rise to small isolated droplets of spins. We also examine the ordering process in paradigmatic two-layer networks with heterogeneous rewiring probabilities. Comparing the cases of a multiplex network and the corresponding network with random inter-layer connectivity, we demonstrate that the character of the final state qualitatively depends on the type of inter-layer connections.


M. PercDisordered configurations of the Glauber model in two-dimensional networks, Europhysics Letters 120 (2017) 68001

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