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Creating an executable paper is a journey through Open Science

[Executable papers take transparency and openness in research communication one step further. In this comment, an early career researcher reports her experience of creating an executable paper as a journey through Open Science.]


Open Science practices are taking an increasingly central role in the way we conduct research, from accessible research data to transparency in the methodologies used to analyze them. To this end, the novel “executable paper” format offers a transparent and reproducible way to communicate research. Executable papers are dynamic pieces of software that combine text, raw data, and the code used for the analysis, and that a reader can interact with.

In this commentary, I introduce the executable paper format and highlight its advantages for research communication. Drawing from my personal experience, I offer practical advice on how to create an executable paper by using Open Source tools such as Python and Jupyter Notebooks, and how to make it accessible by publishing it on open repositories.


J. Lasser, Creating an executable paper is a journey through Open Science, Communications Physics 3 (2020) Art. no. 143

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Jana Lasser

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