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Contrarians Synchronize beyond the Limit of Pairwise Interactions

We give evidence that a population of pure contrarian globally coupled D-dimensional Kuramoto oscillators reaches a collective synchronous state when the interplay between the units goes beyond the limit of pairwise interactions.

Namely, we will show that the presence of higher-order interactions may induce the appearance of a coherent state even when the oscillators are coupled negatively to the mean field. An exact solution for the description of the microscopic dynamics for forward and backward transitions is provided, which entails imperfect symmetry breaking of the population into a frequency-locked state featuring two clusters of different instantaneous phases.

Our results contribute to a better understanding of the powerful potential of group interactions entailing multidimensional choices and novel dynamical states in many circumstances, such as in social systems.

K. Kovalenko, X. Dai, K. Alfaro-Bittner, A. Raigorodskii, M. Perc, S. Boccaletti, Contrarians Synchronize beyond the Limit of Pairwise Interactions, Physical Review Letters 127 (2021) 258301.

Matjaz Perc

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