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Computational Ethics and Accountability

Computational Ethics and Accountability are becoming topics of increasing societal impact; in particular, on the one hand, in the context of recent advances in AI and machine-learning techniques, people and organizations accept decisions made for them by machines, be they buy-sell decisions, pre-filtering of applications, deciding which content users are presented, which personal data are shared and used by third parties, up to automated driving. In each of these application scenarios, where algorithms and machines support or even replace human decisions, ethical issues may arise.

On the other hand, algorithms and machines can play the role of verifying and cross-checking compliance of human players in analyzing digital records of social interactions, for instance, in business transactions and processes, but also in following rules of conduct in online social interactions. Closing the circle, based on such checks, again automated decisions may be implied that involve ethical requirements, such as nondiscrimination and fairness…


A. Polleres, C. Baroglio, O. Boissier, Computational Ethics and Accountability, Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT) 18 (2018) 4-40

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