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Complex Networks and Their Applications XI

This book highlights cutting-edge research in the field of network science, offering scientists, researchers, students and practitioners a unique update on the latest advances in theory and a multitude of applications. It presents the peer-reviewed proceedings of the XI International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications (COMPLEX NETWORKS 2022).

The carefully selected papers cover a wide range of theoretical topics such as network models and measures; community structure, network dynamics; diffusion, epidemics and spreading processes; resilience and control as well as all the main network applications, including social and political networks; networks in finance and economics; biological and neuroscience networks and technological networks.

H. Cherifi, R. N. Mantegna, L. M. Rocha, C. Cherifi, S. Miccichè (eds.), Complex Networks and Their Applications XI, Proceedings of The Eleventh International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications: COMPLEX NETWORKS 2022 — Vol. 1 (2023

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