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Citizen’s reactions to Brexit on Twitter

On 24 June 2016, the day the results of the British referendum on EU membership were announced, more than 4 million posts including the hashtag# Brexit were posted worldwide on Twitter within a matter of hours. This abundance of tweets is a gold mine for analysts, who can examine how individuals position themselves in relation to event-related debates. Supplementing computersupported studies, which focus on general patterns of content emerging in the wake of the Brexit vote on Twitter, our quantitative-qualitative research seeks to provide fine-grained insights related to citizens’ reactions to the vote on Twitter.

Given that including visual content in tweets is a widely adopted practice, we sought to examine some features of tweets in which citizens make use of images when they react on Twitter in the aftermath of the EU referendum. In particular, we sought to analyse to what extent and how multimodal post-result tweets covered issues similar


C. Bouko, D. Garcia, Citizen’s reactions to Brexit on Twitter, in: V. Koller, et al. (Eds.), Discourses of Brexit. Routledge (2019)

David Garcia

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