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A look at financial dependencies by means of econophysics and financial economics

This is a review about financial dependencies which merges efforts in econophysics and financial economics during the last few years.

We focus on the most relevant contributions to the analysis of asset markets’ dependencies, especially correlational studies, which in our opinion are beneficial for researchers in both fields. In econophysics, these dependencies can be modeled to describe financial markets as evolving complex networks.

In particular, we show that a useful way to describe dependencies is by means of information filtering networks that are able to retrieve relevant and meaningful information in complex financial datasets. In financial economics these dependencies can describe asset comovement and spill-overs.In particular, several models are presented that show how network and factor model approaches are related to modeling of multivariate volatility and asset returns, respectively.

Finally, we sketch out how these studies can inspire future research and how they contribute to support researchers in both fields to find a better and a stronger common language.

M. Raddant, T. Di Matteo, A look at financial dependencies by means of econophysics and financial economics, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (2023).

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