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A conceptual model for a circular city: a case study of Maribor, Slovenia

Cities play a crucial role in achieving sustainable development. Decision-makers require assistance in developing city transformation plans amidst the emergence of various city models.

A content analysis using concept mapping was conducted to examine smart, circular, and green city models. The analysis, supported by Leximancer, revealed that city models are evolving by adopting beneficial solutions from competitors, reflecting a strong focus on sustainable development.

Additionally, twenty-four research areas essential for implementing a circular city were identified and validated. Furthermore, a conceptual model for a circular city was developed, incorporating the Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control tool and a problem-solving system.

Testing the model on Maribor highlighted challenges in monitoring the transition towards circularity. The study validates the established model but emphasises the need for further research and case studies to verify its practicality.

This scientific research enhances the understanding of city models and their evolution towards sustainability, providing valuable insights for decision-makers and urban planners.

K. Brglez, M. Perc, R.K. Lukman, A conceptual model for a circular city: a case study of Maribor, Slovenia, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy (2023)

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