Systemisches Risikomanagement und Resilienzplanung für die Österreichische Lebensmittel-Versorgungssicherheit


The goal of the KIRAS project SYRI is the first real-time systemic risk assessment in food value networks that are critical to the population’s supply. These networks consist of thousands of actors and are digitally mapped from the origin of the food, through the processors, logistics to the end consumers in retail, the catering and hotel industries, and assessed in real time with regard to systemic supply risks. By developing systemic risk indicators and a digital crisis monitor for users (BMRLT and AMA), future crises can be identified early, analyzed and controlled based on data, and countermeasures can be initiated in a coordinated manner. In addition to this significantly increased decision-making confidence and ability to act in the event of a disaster, decision-makers can train and build competence during rest periods through targeted scenario analysis including the development of recommendations for action in an emergency.


01.04.2022 – 
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