Establishment and expansion of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and development of methodology and data-driven models

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The aim of the Complexity Science Hub is to establish and expand the science of complex systems in Austria and to establish it as a basis for generating meaningful knowledge from large data sets. Knowledge generation is itself a complex process. In this project, the CSH is trying to use the way knowledge is created in its organizational setup in order to massively accelerate knowledge generation. It attempts to establish new organizational ways in the design of research facilities. The aim is to catalytically coordinate 25-35 highly qualified scientists who have the ability to intellectually penetrate complex systems, understand them mathematically and verify them using data, at the CSH in order to enable accelerated knowledge generation in this future field in Austria. Complex systems include not only all social, financial, socio-economic and living systems, but also concern complex infrastructure, transport, utilities, public administration and communications. With this project, the CSH will develop the central methodology for the mathematical treatment of complex systems and their numerical data-driven agent-based simulation as well as create interfaces for the systematic use of big data. This will be done on two specific scientific questions – in the areas of big data and the health system and medicine as well as big data and systemic risks in economic and social systems. The central goal is also to experiment with new techniques for visualizing complex and high-dimensional processes.


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