Nicola Cinardi

Former Researcher

Nicola Cinardi was a PostDoc at the Complexity Science Hub from July 2021 to 2023. Nicola is a theoretical physicist by training. He obtained his PhD in complex systems for physics, socio-economics and life sciences from the University of Catania.

Nicola won an Erasmus+ grant for traineeship and worked in the quantum gravity group at the Radboud University in The Netherlands. He has been visiting phd student at the Queen Mary University of London and at the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas in Rio de Janeiro. He also worked as high school professor of mathematics and physics.

Nicola is interested in complex systems and network theory and their many applications: econophysics, biophysics, ecology, or neuroscience. He has also scientific interests in quantum gravity and the foundations of physics and in the emergence of consciousness and the mind from the structural components of the brain. He plans to explore the boundaries of different physical and mathematical subjects, e. g. statistical mechanics and cosmology (the arrow of time).

At the CSH, Nicola is primarily focusing on the application of complex systems theory—data analysis, agent-based model simulations, and network modelling—to computational social sciences, in particular on “Ties formation and inequalities in social groups”. In his spare time, Nicola writes books as an independent author.


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