Meet Yurij Holovatch, a guest from Ukraine at the Complexity Science Hub



Meet Yurij Holovatch, our guest from Ukraine


When you visit the Hub these days, you certainly will see our guest from Ukraine sit in the shade of a tree, a laptop on his knees, working.

Yurij — as friends we can call him Yurko — Holovatch is professor in physics at the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He arrived in Vienna about a month ago and will alltogether spend two months as a CSH Visitor with us before heading back to Lviv.

Yesterday, Yurij gave a talk about magnetic phase transition and complex systems. “It’s often said that complex systems science gains insights from physics. But there is knowledge from complexity science that is implemented to study physical phenomena too. In my talk, I tried to show that this is a mutual exchange,” he explained. 

His passion for connecting with people goes beyond sharing his knowledge. Whenever he speaks about his conversations with some of our young scientists – or any other people, as it is -, he is enthusiastic and positive — just the most friendly and kindest person. “I have met such interesting and intelligent people, and it has been such a great experience to learn what they have been studying,” he said.

In the future, Yurko envisions new collaborations and partnerships with CSH scientists. “I can see working together with the Hub on three different topics: transportation networks, migration of Ukrainians, and mythology,” he said.

We are looking forward to it!

2022 06 20 Cities as Complex Systems Workshop Rybski 871x500 c VA
Yurij Holovatch (in the foreground) was a participant of Diego Rybski's workshop "Cities as Complex Systems"



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