Meet Sachin Rawat

In May, freelance science writer Sachin Rawat visited the Complexity Science Hub to meet with our resident scientists.

“Visiting the CSH was like going to a gold mine of ideas for me as a journalist covering complexity research,” Rawat says. “CSH’s research excited me, and I believed I could gather a lot of ideas there – and I did.” 

Rawat met with CSH researchers, including the institution’s president Stefan Thurner, during his visit. “We talked about their work, how it intersects with other fields and society, and where news coverage of complexity research is lacking,” Rawat adds. 

Rawat plans to write feature stories based on his conversations with CSH scientists when he returns to India. He’s an independent journalist based in Bangalore. His work has appeared in Big Think, The Progress Network, and the Asian Scientist Magazine, among other things. Find him on Twitter @sachinxr.




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