CSH reinvents itself

A new logo, a new claim, and a new address for CSH 

Black, white, and crystal clear: the Complexity Science Hub now has a new design and a new claim on a new website. What began with three scientists and an idea in 2015 has grown into a scientific center for complexity research, with around 80 employees from over 25 countries now involved. “We deal with complex topics, but our goal is to find crystal clear answers to current and future societal challenges,” says CSH President Stefan Thurner. As a result, the new claim is: “We are Europe’s research center translating data into solutions for a better world.” 


The central element of the new logo is a star, which stands for a node in networks. “Networks underpin most aspects of society, including supply networks, healthcare, and science as a whole,” explains Thurner. In order to understand how these networks work, their interdependencies, and what makes them more resilient and efficient, CSH scientists translate data from a variety of fields – economics, medicine, ecology, social sciences – into applicable solutions. Similarly, CSH serves itself as a hub in a global network where expertise and data are shared.


Research topics have expanded along with the research team. “With the new website, we aim to demonstrate how interdisciplinary complexity research is, just as today’s problems are. Additionally, we want to make scientific findings accessible to all segments of society,” adds Thurner. CSH’s new website provides access to scientific publications across ten subject areas, interactive tools, and visualizations along with education for young scientists.

The new logo can therefore also be seen as a symbol for people. ” People are at the heart of our research. We research for the benefit of society and for the well-being of the individual — in this sense, we live digital humanism,” says Thurner.



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