The Complexity Science Hub (CSH) welcomes BOKU Vienna as its newest member



CSH meets BOKU

We are looking forward to a joint workshop between the Complexity Science Hub (CSH) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) tomorrow. Scientists from both institutions will have the opportunity to explore possible avenues of collaboration.

The primary goal of this workshop is to facilitate a comprehensive exchange of knowledge and ideas between BOKU and the Complexity Science Hub. In this way, we aim to inform BOKU faculty about the CSH, including our partner institutions, goals, research areas, programs, and more. Likewise, this workshop provides a valuable platform for the Complexity Science Hub to share insights into the exciting research being conducted at BOKU.

Our commitment to interdisciplinary research and innovation is closely related to BOKU’s expertise in natural resources, life sciences and sustainability. By bringing together researchers from different disciplines, we aim to foster collaboration that addresses complex challenges and makes a significant impact.

We thank all participants and look forward to a fruitful workshop that will open doors to new collaborations, generate innovative research ideas, and further strengthen the scientific community.


15:30 OPENING 

 Christian Obinger (BOKU, VR for Research and Innovation)

Stefan Thurner (President and CSH Faculty)


  • Helmut Haberl and Dominik Wiedenhofer (Institute of Social Ecology) with Stefan Thurner (CSH):
    Ongoing collaboration on Social Metabolism
  • Matthias Raddant (UWK & CSH):
    Mapping global phosphorus flows
  • Ulrich Morawetz (Institute of Sustainable Economic Development):
    Environmental (dis)amenities
  • Frank Neffke (CSH):
    Economic development in and across cities
  • Brady Mattsson (Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management):
    Conflicts in Wildlife Management
  • Amelie Desvars-Larrive (VetMed & CSH):
    Veterinary epidemiology and One Health approach
  • Karolina Taczanowska (Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning):
    Tourism Mobility
  • Emma Izquierdo-Verdiguier (Institute of Geomatics):
    Climate Change
  • Raphael Preto-Curiel (CSH):
    Urban Systems
  • Johannes Stangl (CSH):
    Green Stress Testing


Open end with snacks, BOKU beer and wine 


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