Matteo Marsili

Marsili Matteo (c) private

Matteo Marsili is a theoretical physicist with research interests ranging from non-equilibrium statistical physics and critical phenomena to quantitative economics and finance, high dimensional (featureless) statistical inference and learning, systems biology and neuroscience.

Matteo Marsili gained his PhD from SISSA, Trieste in 1994. After postdoctoral positions in Manchester University, Fribourg University (CH) and SISSA, he joined INFM as a researcher and later the Abdus Salam ICTP in 2002, first in the CMSP Section and later in the Quantitative Life Sciences Section.
He is interested in understanding how collective behaviour results from the interaction of simple units, be them particles in physics, neurons in a brain tissue or traders in financial markets. He exploits techniques that have been developed in statistical physics to unveil the “un-intended consequences” of interdependencies in other domains of life sciences.

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