Kjartan van Driel

Kjartan van Driel, PhD candidate at the Complexity Science Hub

Kjartan van Driel has been a PhD candidate at the Complexity Science Hub since September 2023. He received his bachelor’s degrees in physics and mathematics at Radboud University and subsequently earned his master’s degree in physics at the University of Amsterdam.

Before joining the CSH, Kjartan completed his master’s thesis in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization. In his thesis, he investigated how a network of spiking neurons can implement and adapt an approximate world model.

Kjartan’s research interests encompass both the foundational questions as well as the practical consequences of complex systems theory, with a particular focus on self-organization within socio-economic systems.

Now, driven by the necessity of radical economic change to support the green transition, Kjartan has joined CSH to research supply chain dynamics in the context of the green transition.

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