Kimmo Kaski

Kimmo Kaski, a computational scientist, has pioneered computational complex systems research as academy professor (from 1996 to 2006) and as director of two CoE’s (2000 to 2011). He is a Supernumerary Professorial Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, and Fellow of APS, IOP, the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Academia Europeae. Since 2017 Kimmo has been External Faculty of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna.

Kimmo’s current research interests are in the complexity of physical, economic, social and information systems, earning him a pioneering role in complex social networks. He has supervised a large number of PhD theses in Finland, UK, and the USA, as well as acted recently as the coordinator of EU’s FP7 FET Open ICTeCollective project, and currently as a partner in EU’s Horizon 2020 FET Open IBSEN project as well as in EU’s Horizon 2020 SoBigData project.

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