Jula Lühring

Jula Lühring, PhD candidate at the Complexity Science Hub © CSH

Jula Lühring has been a PhD Candidate at the Complexity Science Hub since 2022.

She is working in the project “Emotional Misinformation”, a collaboration of David Garcia, Hannah Metzler and Apeksha Shetty from the Complexity Science Hub and Annie Waldherr of the Computational Communication Science Lab, University of Vienna.

Jula has already participated in research assessing the impacts of misinformation during her research Master’s in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. Upon graduation, Jula has expanded on her background in the Computational Social Sciences and worked as a research assistant at the Complexity Science Hub.

Jula’s interests are still centred around the implications of a misinformed public sphere. In her PhD project, she will explore the interplay of emotional and social dynamics in the diffusion of misinformation in the digital information ecosystem and simulate socio-technological interventions.

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